Red System

Since its first release with RED ONE and RED Epic, the Red system is set at the highest levels of technology for digital cinema.
The sensor has the same area the size S35mm film and is capable of recording images at a maximum resolution of 4K, 4096x2304 pixels. The manufacturer has measured the signal / noise ratio of Red to more than 66 dB. The camera is equipped with a PL mount, which makes it compatible with all the best cinema lenses.

  • red dragonWith the 6K RED DRAGON® sensor, you can capture over 9x more pixels than HD. Unrivaled detail and impressive native exposure eclipse 35mm film in both latitude and image density. Industry leading specs distinguish the EPIC DRAGON as a model for image innovation, helming the evolution of digital cinema technology.

  • epicEPIC ushers in the next generation of digital cinema, featuring a 5K sensor capable of capturing 1-120 fps at full resolution. From fashion spreads to 3D IMAX features, EPIC has crossbred elite photography with unrivaled cinema capability—all in a camera the size of a DSLR. In challenging lighting conditions, EPIC makes it easy to adapt with its ability to reach up to 18 stops of dynamic range with HDRx. Remarkable technology packed into a 4lb body - with EPIC, less is more. Congruent with RED’s high-resolution lineage, EPIC has made large format distribution accessible and easy. 5K images make it possible for you to streamline your footage for IMAX applications, giving you the most resolution for stills and motion workflows. No matter the size of your project, 5K gives you every opportunity to be EPIC.

  • redoneIl corpo della Red One, totalmente creato in lega di magnesio, ha un solo sensore di tipo CMOS da ben 12 Megapixels e produce fotogrammi in un formato RAW 4K con una compressione Redcode wavelet a 10 bit (algoritmo di ottima qualità che produce immagini prive di artefatti e del tutto indistinguibili dalle medesime immagini in formato nativo e non compresso). Caratteristiche: Sensore: 1CMOS 12 Megapixel chiamato Mysterium(TM) - Dimensioni: 24.4mm x 13.7mm (Super35mm) - Matrice Pixel Attiva: 4520 (h) x 2540 (v) (formato cinemascope) - Matrice Pixel piena: 4900 (h) x 2580 (v) - Range dinamico: > 66dB - Profondità di campo: Equivalente a 35mm Cine Lenses (S16mm with windowed sensor) - Formato di acquisizione: 2540p (4k+), 4K, 2K, 1080p, 1080i,720p - Frame Rate: Variabile, 1 * 60 fps 2540p, 4K, 2K,1080p, 720p, 1 * 120 fps, 2K, 720p (windowed sensor), 50 / 59.94fps, 1080i, 720p - Uscita RAW:Interfaccia seriale ad alta velocità, 1 - 60 fps 2540p, 4K, 1 - 120 fps, 2K (windowed sensor) - Uscita Video: HD-SDI singolo e dual link 2K - 4:4:4 RGB, 1080p 4:4:4 RGB, 1080p - 4:2:2, 1080i - 4:2:2, 720p - 4:2:2 - Registrazione dati Digitali: Interfacce FireWire 800/400, USB-2 and e-SATA RED-DRIVE(TM) hard disk drive (40 * 160GB).

  • Camera's Accessories

    Monitor 24' - 17' TVLogic 
    Monitor 17' Panasonic
    Lenses Zeiss - Cooke
    Zoom Angenieux - Cooke
    Arri MattBox
    Follow Focus Arri
    Focus Remote
    Tiffen Filters
    MiniMonitor TVLogic 5,6' - Transvideo - Arri
    Head O'Connor
    Heads Cartoni LAMBDA - SIGMA - MAXIMA - C-40s