Silicone Tapes

silicone  Description:   Silicon strap for repairs of various kinds. Once stretched and wrapped on itself adheres permanently and very resistant, creating a total barrier to the passage of air and water  
Use:   This tape is resistant to oil, acids or solvents, salt water, UV rays and is therefore suitable for various applications: Marine, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing. In the film industry is suitable for the repair and protection of cables  
Details:   Temp. min/max: -65°/260° - Temp. continue min/max: -60°/200° - Tension max: 700 psi - Dielectric Strength: 8.000 Volts/20mil  
Rescue Tape Colors:   Black, transparent, red, yellow, green, blue


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description manufacter width length color code
Rescue Tape Harbour Products 2,5 mm 3,75 mt Black, transparent, red, yellow, green, blue RESCUE TAPE