PVC Tapes

pvc  Description:   Based on a 145 mesh rayon fabric backing and natural rubber adhesive. Highly tear resistant uncoated cloth, conformable to any surface, writable and water resistant. Ease hand tearability.  
Use:   Sealing of film containers, repair and decorations  
Colors:   Black, white, blue, yellow, red, green and gray  
Max Temp:   130°  
Code 4651 - Tesa Adhesive:   Natural rubber and mesh rayon fabric


pvc2  Description:   dhesive tape with support in autoextinguishable plastified PVC. In accordance with the laws IMQ, elastic and exceptionally flexible  
Use:   Suitable for wiring in the white industry and for general electrical insulation  
Colors:   Black, white, yellow, grigio, red yellow/green  
Max Temp:   90°/300h  
Code 60524 - Tesa Adhesive:   Natural rubber


pvc3  Description:   Based on a stable PVC backing coated with a natural rubber adhesive. Resistant to tensile strength and silent  
Use:   Sealing and identification  
Colori:   White, transparent, havana, black, red  
Code 4204 - Tesa Adhesive:   Natural rubber


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descrizione manufacter width length color code
Nastro Adesivo Tesa 25 mm 66 mt Transparent 4204
Nastro Adesivo Telato Tesa 45 mm 50 mt Matt black 4651
Nastro Isolante Tesa 19 mm 25 mt Black 60524
Nastro Isolante Tesa 20 mm 26 mt Red 60524
Nastro Isolante Tesa 21 mm 27 mt Blue 60524