Polypropylene Tapes

polipropilene  Description:   Double sided self adhesive tape, consisting of a white PP-carrier and a synthetic rubber adhesive mass system. Solvent free and offers a high tack  
Use:   Fixing tape. Theatres and movie sets  
Code 64620 - Tesa Adhesive:   Hotmelt adhesive


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description manufacter width lenght color code
Nastro Biadesivo Tesa 2,5 cm 25 mt Havana 64620
Nastro Biadesivo Tesa 5 cm 50 mt Havana 64620
Nastro J-LAR Permacel 2,5 cm 65 mt Transparent Jlar
Nastro J-LAR Permacel 5 cm 65 mt Transparent Jlar