Aluminium Tapes

alluminio1  Description:   Strong aluminium tape and acrylic adhesive. Oils, acids, vacuum and flame resistant.  
Use:   Mainly used in the appliance industry due to it's temperature insulation and high thermal conductivity. Theatres and movie backstage  
Max Temp:   120°  
Code 50565 - Tesa Adhesive:   Acrylic


alluminio2  Description:   Black foil Matt aluminium, no reflectant. Flame retardant and resistant to high temperatures. Easily stearable.  
Use:   Theatres and movie backstages. Widely used on the projectors to cover light cracks.  
Max Temp:   -20° a +150° C  
Code AT205 - Advance Adhesive   Acrylic


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description manufacter width length color code
Nastro Adesivo Tesa 50 mm 25 mt Aluminium 50565
Nastro Adesivo 3M 50 mm 50 mt Aluminium 1436
Nastro Opaco AT-205 Advance 50 mm 50 mt Black 177035