RF-75 Individual Filter

rf75-leica-04The filters for the RF75 system are manufactured to the same standards as those for the renowned 100mm system. Handmade in a way that meets the company's exacting quality control in colour and optical flatness, products in the LEE Filters range have become the benchmark by which other systems are judged, and are the indispensable tools of many photographic professionals worldwide.

The entire range of LEE Resin and ProGlass Filters are available individually for the RF-75 System. Please review the Product Directory for complete listings. Also listed are a number of sets of the more widely used RF-75 filters, and this can be an economical way to grow your collection. The RF-75 filters are not just cut down versions of the LEE 100mm System.


In keeping with the smaller size the gradation zones have been adjusted to suit the smaller system. These changes have been made through extensive testing in conjunction with top landscape photographers.


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