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The Lee Filters is made of a Polyester film, very thin, coated on both surfaces with a top quality tint. Lee Filters incorporates bright and powerful colourants accurately coated onto high specification base materials, ensuring a level of consistency and performance which is second to none.



 Why using filters

 Light is energy that travels in wave form. The human eye responds to certain wavelengths and these make up the visible spectrum. Wavelengths outside this spectrum are invisible to us, such as infra red, ultra violet and X-ray.

Each wavelength within the visible spectrum is recognised by our eyes as providing a particular colour sensation, the diagram below clearly indicates the visible colours and their corresponding wavelength. White light consists of all of the visible wavelengths, present in equal amounts.




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 By using filters to selectively reduce the level of light to meet our individual requirements, whether technical or aesthetic. Most artificial light sources do not actually produce white light. For example, incandescent sources such as tungsten generate light which has more energy at the red end of the spectrum, whereas a fluorescent source often has spikes of energy mainly in the blue and green region. Filters can be used to correct these differences and make one light source appear like another.