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It was the demand for something better from the movie production industry that originally led to the birth of LEE Filters. In the subsequent decades, our company has always prided itself on designing and producing products that are truly better than anything else available. Back in the 1960s we pioneered the use of modern polymeric materials to make filters for film, TV & theatrical production.
Our expertise and experience has subsequently led us to producing filters for architectural use, both indoors and out.

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Fluorescent Tubes

tubi fluorescentiGet creative with fluorescent lighting. With over 200 colours to choose from LEE Filters Fluorescent Coloured Sleeves offer the designer more choice than ever for both interior and exterior lighting projects. You can choose any of the colours from our extensive colour range. Your chosen colour is inserted into a clear sleeve and delivered ready to install. The sleeves are made from a thermally stable, electrically insulating, polycarbonate. The end of each sleeve have a clear end cap; these end caps fix the sleeve to the fluorescent tube making installation easy. The sleeves are available in standard lengths 0.61m (24"), 1,22m (48"), 1,53m (60") and 2,44m (96") for T5, T8 and T12 diameter tubes. Custom sizes are also available on request. Alternatively we can supply pre-cut Quick Rolls of your chosen colour along with clear polycarbonate sleeves enabling self assembly of the insert and sleeves. The Pre-cut Quick rolls are 7,62m (25') long and are available for T5, T8 and T12 diameter sleeves.

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Dichroic Filters

dicroiciSpecifically designed to meet the demands of the lighting industry, Lee Filters dichroic glass filters are produced by the vacuum deposition of layers of thin metal films onto a substrate of borofloat glass. The glass is a available in a thickness of 3.3mm and 1.7mm, and the production process creates spectacularly clear and pure colours. The glass filters will not fade and should withstand temperatures up to 371°. Dichroic filters are available in a "framed" glass version and "unframed". These lightweight aluminium frames, available both plain and in colour, suit all the popular lighting fixture in the entertainment, architectural and theatrical industries. An innovative silicone gasket completely surrounds the glass, providing protection from both mechanical and thermal shock. A safety mesh can be added where required. A safety mesh can be added when required. Frames from 7,5cm (3") to 60cm (23,5") across can be designed in any shape.